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Universidade Federal de Rondonópolis – UFR

The Federal University of Rondonópolis (UFR) is a public institution of higher education in Rondonopolis (MT), Brazil. Its main objectives are to provide tertiary education, conduct research across various fields of knowledge, and foster university outreach and innovation. The university aims to generate knowledge, enhance and deepen the education of citizens for professional practice, encourage critical thinking, mitigate social inequalities, and promote solidarity among peoples.

Located 210 km away from the capital city of Mato Grosso state, Cuiabá, the UFR sits in a region characterized by diverse and extensive transitions between biomes and the headwaters of rivers forming the Araguaia and Paraguai River Basins, boasting rich landscapes and geological formations. The municipality also holds a prominent position as a dynamic economic center in the region, with an average real growth rate surpassing the state average (IBGE), making it a focal point for investors and the consolidation of new ventures.

The UFR boasts over 4,300 enrolled students across 19 regular undergraduate courses and 13 postgraduate programs. It comprises more than 300 tenured professors, approximately 60 adjunct faculty, and 90 administrative staff members, all working together with the aim of strengthening the UFR’s foundation on the pillars of teaching, research, and extension across all fields of knowledge. They adhere to quality standards that contribute to the development of competent and, above all, ethical professionals and researchers.



Avenida dos Estudantes, 5055 Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso 78736-900 Brazil


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