Virtual Mobility


How can I apply to one of the courses offered on eMOVIES?

To apply for one of the courses offered by eMOVIES, you must contact the person responsible for the Internationalization Office of your educational institution, since application for a course cannot be made directly by the student. When you are looking for a platform course, it gives you the option to send the eMOVIES manager of your institution an admission application so that your institution can start the process with the HEI that offers the course.

How is the application and student selection process for mobility in eMOVIES?

The process is the following:

  • The student must choose the course of their interest using the search engine on the eMOVIES platform website.
  • Through the platform, you can send the eMOVIES manager at your institution the Admission Application to apply for mobility in that course. (The student can also communicate directly with the eMOVIES manager at their institution to process said application).
  • The eMOVIES manager contacts the student to verify if they meet the requirements and to complete the mobility application.
  • The origin HEI must select the candidates that they want to apply for mobility, guaranteeing that they meet the requirements of the destination HEI.
  • The origin HEI send the mobility request to the destination HEI.
  • The destination HEI examines the applications and makes the decision to select the students that they will admit according to the available places or other criteria that they consider pertinent.
To whom should the application be sent or where should it be loaded?

The application must be processed directly between the International Relations Offices (IRO) of the applicant and offering institution. The application must be sent by the eMOVIES manager at the IRO of origin to the eMOVIES manager at the IRO of destination, through the eMOVIES platform.

Who issues the student acceptance? What is the established term to confirm the acceptance of the student?

The acceptance of mobility must be notified by the offering HEI to the requesting HEI. The communication deadline depends on the application deadlines that each destination institution has.

How many courses can I take on eMOVIES?

As of 2022, there is no restriction on the number of courses or subjects a student can register in eMOVIES. Likewise, there is no restriction on the number of destination HEIs to which a student may apply.

Will the credits of the course that I take in another higher education institution (HEI) participating in eMOVIES be recognized by my institution?

Yes, the HEIs that join the eMOVIES Program undertake to recognize their students for the courses they take within the framework of eMOVIES. However, it is up to each institution to define the requirements and procedures to recognize such credits for the student.

Will all the courses take place in virtual mode and asynchronously?

Yes, all the courses are in virtual mode. However, according to the instructional design of the course, some activities may be synchronous. Detailed information on the characteristics of each course can be found in the technical sheet that appears when searching for a course.

Is there an additional cost to take a course in the eMOVIES program?

No, there is no additional cost for the institution or for the student taking a course under eMOVIES, beyond the regular costs that the student must pay to his / her own educational institution.

Can I take postgraduate courses at eMOVIES?

Yes, each HEI autonomously defines the courses it contributes to the eMOVIES program. The courses can be at the technical-technological level, undergraduate or postgraduate level. The level and the program to which they belong in the origin institution are identified in the technical file of the courses.

What are the requirements to apply in the case of graduate students?

There is no particular requirement for graduate students. The requirements are those established for each course and listed in the catalog.

What are the documents that students must submit to apply?

Each bidding institution has its own requirements, deadlines and documentation that must be sent. This information is found in the technical file of each course.

What are the dates of the call for students to apply?

The deadlines to apply for a mobility are those established by the offering institution. This information is found in the technical file of each course.

Is there a guide or tutorial to manage my profile as a Higher Education Institution?

In the following tutorial, subtitled in English, you Will find useful indications for the management of the profile of a HEI that is enabled in our platform, as well as the administration of mobility requests.

You can also download the Administrator’s Guide in Spanish HERE.

How to navigate on the eMOVIES platform?

In the following tutorial, subtitled in English, you will learn how to search for courses in eMOVIES, according to your needs, and apply to those of your interest.